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Recent range of Antiviral clothing

Kills 99.19% viruses

Our fabric has been proven to show a 99.19% viruses reduction within 24 hours of encounter


Also Antibacterial

The special coating on it's surface also keeps you safe from bacteria


It checks the growth of odour causing bacteria and keeps you fresh for long periods of time

Washer Coin Slider Repair


Our fabric can be washed at home and re-used for upto 30 times.

Skin Friendly

It has a soft feel and is comfortable to wear. 

"Cytotoxicity test" report of our fabric certifies that it is safe for all types of skin.


Fashion Portrait

Certified and Tested

Analyzed as per AATCC100 -2012 test Method using MS2 Bacteriophage as surrogate virus

Eco-friendly Packaging

we deliver our apparels in a premium anitviral pouch. No unnecessary waste.



Keep calm

Stay safe

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